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A Tale Upon a Silken Canvas, Made in Italy

Established in 2017 by designer and founder Zoë Hili.

Decielis is 100% made in Italy from the finest Chinese silks. Artisanal Italian printing techniques and expertise have been selected to manufacture all Decielis products in Italy’s vicinity of Lake Como. Zoë selected the most versatile accessory as her canvas to create stories. Print narratives combine hand drawn and digitally refined artworks in a kaleidoscopic range of vibrant colors. Zoë sees the multi-facets of her own character reflected in Decielis’ contemporary design aesthetic – a fusion of her ever changing surroundings inspired by culture, nature, art and music entwined.

The name Decielis (pronounced Di-siel-is), is inspired by Zoë’s family name ‘Decelis’ and is a connotation on the name’s Latin significance ‘from the sky’. Decielis is a lifestyle, not limited to Decielis scarfs themselves – the essence of Decielis captivates Zoë’s upbringing and lifestyle growing up in 4 continents, keeping travel and joie de vivre at the soul of the brand. The Decielis philosophy is to create silken canvases reminiscent of different worlds, united together through color, and for our silken stories to evolve uniquely to the wearer through the love of each wear. Each of our scarfs comes complete with our elegant Decielis signature Azure gift-packaging.  From the lightest weight silks to breezy summer modals and winter cashmeres, a Decielis scarf is the timeless travel companion and gift.

Designer & Founder, Zoe Hili

Born and raised in Bahrain, Zoë continued her formative years growing up in Canada, Italy, Switzerland and in Hong Kong. Zoë graduated from the UAL’s, London College of Fashion, while working as a design assistant to French designer Roland Mouret. Zoë also worked alongside Jonathan Saunders on print design collaborations, returning to Asia between semesters interning with Louis Vuitton in Hong Kong. Upon graduating from LCF as a women’s wear design specialist Zoë was appointed head designer of Matchesfashion.com’s women’s ready-to-wear line. After a break from the industry Zoë acquired an MBA in Tourism Management from the University of Vienna before stepping into the role of Louis Vuitton’s visual merchandising manager for Central Europe based in Vienna.

Zoë’s personal features and work have been included in the following online and press publications: